Teresa Schaefer
Grades Taught: 9th-12th
Course Taught:  English Skills 9, 
SEI Writing, SEI Reading, SEI Grammar
English Language Learner Coordinator
Room Number: A122

The belief that EVERY student can be successful is my philosophy. As a student, every school year was a struggle for me, which was a driving force behind the decision to get my degree in education at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. After being in the classroom for several years, the decision to begin working on my Masters of Education at Northern Arizona University was made. In December of 2007 I graduated with honors from NAU. My area of study was Secondary Reading with a Reading Endorsement. 

When Poston Butte High school opened, my focus was to prepare students to pass the AIMS reading and writing assessments. For the past five years, I have been the English Language Learner coordinator; I am responsible for all students who are considered English Language Learners.  Over the past three years the administration and myself have decided to provide additional support to English Language learners (ELL) through the use of a four hour program which is required of all ELL students who test below Intermediate.  This is a unique opportunity for our ELL students because most high school students are serviced in general education classes which is not the best case scenario.  In addition to working with the ELL students I also provide instruction to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated difficulty with Reading and Writing at the high school level.  The goal of this program is to help them be successful in high school.
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