Randi Fielding
Grades Taught: 9th, 10th & 11th
Course Taught: Co-Teacher, World History & US History
Room Number: H127

Randi Fielding is a returning teacher at Poston Butte High School. She also chairs the Social Studies Department and mentors other teachers. Randi teaches World History and US History. She graduated from Arizona State University with dual certifications in general education and special education. She is highly qualified in cross-categorical special education as well as secondary social studies. Randi believes that the best way to educate a diverse learning population is in the co-taught setting. Randi has been a co-teacher for three years and loves it. Randi loves spending time outdoors and with her family. She enjoys hiking, bicycling, and traveling in and out of the country.

Additional Information
Randi’s educational philosophy is rooted in the idea that “We are different; we are the same.” She learned early on in her studies that what is good for a student with special needs is good for all. All students have unique learning needs that are rooted in their experiences, perceptions, innate abilities, learned strategies, skill levels, and inner motivations. Because of this, differentiation is essential to solid teaching and is the best bet for propelling student growth. As a co-teacher, she has made it a priority to design her instruction and procedures so she meets the unique learning needs of all students on a daily basis and with dignity. She does this through the principles of Universal Design and cooperative learning. Randi loves being a teacher and a leader at Poston Butte High School. This is the ideal setting that allows her to combine her passion for social studies and her passion for education.