Kayla Kully
Grades Taught: 
Course Taught: Science
Room Number: B111


I was born in Illinois where I lived until December of 2014.  I attended Carthage College, a small

private school in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  I obtained my Bachelors in Arts from Carthage while playing

four years of softball.  After college I began my career in law enforcement as a dispatcher for a town in Illinois.  After a year of dispatching I was hired as a police officer for a town right outside of Chicago. 

In the seven and half years I was employed as a police officer I served as a Homicide detective,

a financial crimes detective, a firearms instructor, a OC instruction, a rifle instructor, a ballistic shield instructor, a TASER instructor, a MEGGITT instructor, a Simunitions Instructor, a Field Training Officer,

and an Evidence Technician.  For the last two years of my career I ran the scenario based training

program at the department.  In my time as an officer I was awarded a “Top Cop” award in 2011 and 2014.

Though I had much success as a police officer, I decided to obtain a Master’s in Education from

the University of Phoenix online as I worked full time as a police officer.  I left the police department

in December of 2014 to being my student teaching with Poston Butte High school in the Biology Department

in January of 2015.  At my completion I was fortunate enough to be hired for the 2015-2016 school year and tasked with starting the Biotechnology STEM program.   Becoming a teacher has been the best decision of

my life and I am very happy with the choice I made moving to Arizona to become a teacher.  


Additional Information
With my background in police work and being a former evidence technician it was a no brainer to take
on the sponsorship for the Forensics Club.  You can also find me on the softball field serving as
an assistant varsity softball coach.