Cliff Canfield
Grades Taught: 9th
Course Taught: World History
Room Number: H131


I have been teaching social studies for 15 years in Arizona. I taught U.S. History for five years at

Kingman Junior High School. Then I taught one year at a local valley Charter High School teaching

a variety of subjects including U.S. History, World History, American Literature, Economics,

Government, Life-Skills for Success, and Film Appreciation. I then taught U.S. History for eight years

at J.O. Combs Middle School. This is my first year at Poston Butte High School, and I am excited to

be teaching my old love, World History again. I enjoy drawing on my old background in Philosophy

and Western Civilization to teach incoming freshmen the amazing story of humanity from more

of a world-wide perspective. In my journey as a social studies teacher, I have taught honors,

regular, and remedial classes and feel that this experience has given me a good perspective

and insight for dealing with most students. Although I love my content and love to tell stories,

I always try to remain student-centered in my approach to teaching.

I grew up in a military family traveling and being stationed many places, both overseas and back

here in the states. I feel that this experience helps me understand and be empathetic to

different cultures. My memories of visiting and living overseas comes in handy when I relate

the Bataan Death March and Corregidor, I can share with the students the fact that I actually

lived in the Philippines for two years when I was in high school, and I can talk about my visit to Corregidor. When I talk about ancient Greece, I can share with my students my memories of my visits

to Athens, Corfu, and even the little island of Mykonos.

Additional Information
In my personal time, I enjoy kayaking and camping, playing and studying chess,
and of course I enjoy reading.