Amanda Austermann
Grades Taught: 11
Course Taught: American Literature
Room Number: B202

Amanda Austermann is returning for her second year at Poston Butte, teaching 11th grade American Literature. She enjoys interacting with the students and really getting them to be more involved with the material.  Amanda graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in English Education and a dream to be in a classroom, helping kids to love literature.  She tries to make her classroom a place for learning, a place for fun, and a safe place for students to explore their creativity. Amanda has teenage siblings and uses them as guinea pigs for her classroom activity ideas.  

Additional Information
Amanda has one daughter named Mia but her school calls her the three year old teenager.  They have lived in Chandler now for 4 years and they love Arizona.  When Amanda is not at school, she is usually with her daughter.  On her rare moments away, she likes to go hiking in beautiful places like Seattle and Sedona.  She watches movies in the theatre a lot and enjoys movie dates with friends and family. She loves to cook and collects recipes from all her family so she can try to pass on family traditions to her daughter.  She also loves to eat; she is what some people would call a foodie.  If Amanda wasn’t a teacher, her dream job would be to travel the world and write restaurant reviews for a famous magazine.